Thailand Cave Rescue: Training to Survive

//Thailand Cave Rescue: Training to Survive

Thailand Cave Rescue: Training to Survive

Considering recent events concerning the Thailand cave rescue, let’s address the survival aspect of fitness.  There are many aspects of fitness that won’t just make us look and feel better, they may actually help us get through an unfortunate event such as the Thai cave rescue.


In a situation where you would need to hike or swim a long distance, endurance is obviously important.  In the Thailand cave rescue situation, the people were trapped a full kilometer underground.  If you needed to climb or hike uphill a kilometer in a hurry, you would hope that you had previously trained for such a situation.

Running, hiking, jumping rope or punching a punching bag are all great exercises for improving endurance.  Being able to swim, or at least tread water, for a long period of time would be exceptionally valuable if you were trapped in a flood or in a boating accident.  Swimming will not only improve your cardiovascular ability but will also prepare you for such a situation.


There are many survival situations where possessing greater than average strength could come in handy.  In a situation such as the Thailand cave rescue, it may be useful to be able to pull yourself up on a ledge or climb a wall.  Pull ups and rock climbing experience may be valuable training for preparedness.  Overall strength would be very valuable for carrying supplies or possibly an injured friend or colleague.

Diet and Eating

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a diet strategy that involved not eating for hours at a time, up to a full day. In a situation such as the Thailand cave rescue, where you are forced to go without food for a long period of time, it may be beneficial to have experience with intermittent fasting.  One can not prepare for being without food for days or weeks, but It may be mentally beneficial to know how your body and mind perform after going a day without food.

The Ketogenic Diet

Keto adapts your mind and body to use fat as energy.  Instead of carbs, you eat fat and your body breaks down the fat and uses it as fuel.  If you are not able to eat, your body uses its stored fat as energy.  When you are used to eating carbs for fuel, you must constantly eat carbs to supply your body with energy.  Conversely, if you are keto adapted your body is used to using fat for fuel.  You can go longer periods of time without eating and not feeling the brain fog usually associated with skipping meals.


Nothing can prepare us for a traumatic experience like that of the Thailand cave rescue.  At the time of this writing, some of the boys have been rescued from the cave, but not all.  We at Topic Fitness are hoping and praying for their safe rescue.

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